Roebuck Hunting Romania

Rehbockjagd Rumänien


The roebuck hunting is the type of hunt that is especially recommended for the hunters who would like to enjoy the nature in the purest state.

The hunting of the roebuck in Romania can be performed by various methods like still-hunting, chasing of the roebuck in the mating period and also the calling. Roebuck still-hunting is more advantageous, as the roebuck can be investigated more carefully before being shot. Hunting usually takes place in areas where animals are used to spending their time, such as bathing or sunbathing. For this method to be fruitful, the hunter must be prepared at least one hour before the arrival of the animals.
Roebuck still-hunting takes place in small spaces, as compared to the chasing method. This second  method is more dynamic, but it does not make it more tempting, as the animals can easily miss, the reaction time of the hunters being considerably lower. Usually, it is preferable to go for roebuck hunting in the morning, in the early hours, or when leaving the evening, when the animals go out for food. Also, after the rain, when the animals hung in the sun until they dry out.

For roebuck hunting accommodation is provided in hunting chalets, very close to the actual hunting grounds, offering all services and comforts that our clients require.

Hunted species:

Along with the roebuck it is also possible to hunt wild boar at the bait.

Hunting areas :

We selected the most beautiful lands for roe buck hunting in Romania: sweet hills, vast plains with old age forest and of course the Carpathian Mountains, all for the satisfaction of all the hunters. HUNTROMANIA is specialized in depicting the best places for hunting with the most fabulous specimens, for all our clients’ satisfaction.

For further details about the roebuck hunting areas, accommodation and prices, please contact us directly.