Fallow Buck

Fallow buck Hunting Romania

Damhirschjagd Rumänien


Fallow buck is an animal present in almost every location in the world. The fallow buck hunting season starts in September and ends at the beginning of December. The best time to hunt is in the rut period in the beginning of October.

Why is Romania an excellent place for this hunt?
• You will find one of the biggest populations in free range with more than 2500 animals.
• The quality of the trophies can satisfy any expectation.
• The hunting areas are located in the West part of Romania.
• The accommodations will be in nice lodges around the hunting area
• The hunter doesn’t need to be in good physical shape, but he must be prepared to shoot long distance
• The prices start from just 1500 euros.
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The fallow buck hunting trophy consists of the horns with the skull or part of it. Fallow buck horns are made up of bone tissue, mainly containing calcium and phosphorus, and are obsolete. Hidden horns mean that they grow, fall and grow after an annual cycle.

They grow on the front cylinders positioned on the front skull. Cylinders that begin to grow a few months after birth provide the basis for the subsequent growth of the horns. These are not horns. The tissue that develops in the upper part of the cylinders reacts to the hormones in the animal’s body, which cause the growth of the horns. The annual growth cycle of the horns is directly influenced by the day-night or so-called photoperiod alternation. The brain contains a kind of clock that measures light and dark and uses this information in the ultimatum to control the production of the male reproductive testosterone.