Chamois Hunting Romania

Gamsjagd Rumänien


Experience the chamois hunting in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Here you will find the biggest chamois in the whole world. The subspecies, called Carpathian chamois, lives only in Romania. Again Romania holds the CIC world record for a Chamois, 141.11 along with first 8 of the other top 10. One can say Romania is clearly the first choice when we talk about big chamois. The chamois is distinguished by agility, making jumps up to 2 m high and 6 m long. Even on steep cliffs, it can reach a speed of 50 km / h. The species is present in France, Italy, Austria or Switzerland, but in Romania one can find by far the biggest chamois.

Experienced hunters know that the road to its habitat is a long and difficult one. The chamois lives on isolated slopes and forgotten about time, where man rarely walks. Hunting is carried out by stalking. This type of hunt is giving you the possibility to enjoy all the beautiful views our eyes can catch. The chamois is hiding through the frequent forests and climbs agilely on steep cliffs. It’s not just about having a good eye and a clear mind, but also is a matter of luck. Hunting chamois is a challenging experience: it is very difficult to reach in their area and the specimens are usually seen at a very long distance.

The hunting period is from the 15th of September until the 15th of December.

Hunted Species:

Along with chamois you can also hunt red stag, brown bear, wild boar and wolf.

Hunting Areas:

Hunting takes place in the Bucegi and Fagaras Mountains. You can enjoy the amazing views of Romanian mountains and experience the wild surroundings of the highest peaks in the Romanian Carpathian mountains.

Accommodation is provided in hunting chalets located in the mountains, or private guest houses with all comforts and services included.