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This type of hunt is especially recommended for the hunters who would like to enjoy the nature in its purest state.

The hunting of the roebuck in Romania can be performed by various methods like still-hunting, chasing of the roebuck in the mating period and also the calling. The roebuck trophy consists of the horns with the skull or part of it.

Accommodation is provided in hunting chalets, very close to the actual hunting grounds, offering all services and comforts that our clients require.

Hunted species

Along with the roe buck it is also possible to hunt wild boar at the bait.

Hunting areas

We selected the most beautiful lands for roe buck hunting in Romania: they consist of sweet hills, vast plains with old age forest and of course the Carpathian Mountains, all for the satisfaction of all the hunters.

Price and condition

Starting at 1200 euros

Our pricing includes all services: no surprise

Included in the price:

  • 3 days and half of hunting (1 guide per hunter)
  • All transport in Romania
  • 4 night’s accommodation (single occupancy) on full board basis excluding drinks
  • Interpreter throughout your stay
  • Romanian hunting license
  • Hunting Third Party Liability insurance
  • First preparation of trophies

Not included:

  • Flights to Romania
  • Trophy fees
  • Rental of the firearm at 35 euros per day if necessary.
  • Cancellation, evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Shipping of trophies to your home address (100 € per trophy if Europe),
  • Drinks, extras and personal expenses

Trophy fees

  • A buck up to 300 grams 175 euros
  • a buck between 301 and 350 grams 400 euros
  • a buck between 351 and 400 grams 600 euros
  • a buck between 401 and 450 grams 1000 euros
  • a buck between 451 and 500 grams 1500 euros
  • a buck between 501 and 550 grams 2000 euros
  • over 551 grams 2500 euros
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