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Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
Scoring the chamois and the brown bear with CIC measurement system
Red stag horseback hunt
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Red stag


Without doubt, Romania is one of the few places in the word where you can hunt red stags like 200 years ago. The red stags of our remote Carpathian Mountains have always been prized and Romania has produced some of the largest stags ever taken. In September the mountain valleys ring with the roaring and clashing of fighting stags. Totally wild and in their natural environment, the stags we have in Romania have bigger sizes than the ones from the Western Europe.

We practice 2 hunting method for the red stags. The classical one, stalking method and the adventure with horse back hunt.

Hunted species

Depending on the place where we decided to hunt, you can also hunt roe deer, brown bear and wild boar.

Hunting area

We have 3 different hunting area for red stag in Romania. First chose is in Harghita county with an open area around 100000 hectares of mountains and forests. This is the place where we organise our horse back hunt at the end of September. The second area is very well known for the size of his trophies. Every year hunters shoot here several stags over 11 kilos. Our 3 areas is on the border of Buzau and Vrancea counties and although it is also a mountain area, the number of the stags ensure a successful hunt even for older hunters or poor physical condition or for hunters who want a trophy but have very limited time available to do that.


Price and condition

Starting at 1200 euros

Our pricing includes all services: no surprise

Included in the price:

  • 3 days and half of hunting (1 guide per hunter)
  • All transport in Romania
  • 4 night’s accommodation (single occupancy) on full board basis excluding drinks
  • Interpreter throughout your stay
  • Romanian hunting license
  • Hunting Third Party Liability insurance
  • First preparation of trophies

Not included:

  • Flights to Romania
  • Trophy fees
  • Rental of the firearm at 35 euros per day if necessary.
  • Cancellation, evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Shipping of trophies to your home address (100 € per trophy if Europe),
  • Drinks, extras and personal expenses

Trophy fees

  • A stag up to 7 kilos 1700 euros
  • From  7 kg    2000 euros  +  8 euros for each 10g
  • From  8 kg    2800 euros  + 10 euros for each 10g
  • From  9 kg    3800 euros  + 12 euros for each 10g
  • From 10 kg   5000 euros  + 30 euros for each 10g
  • From 11 kg   8000 euros  + 40 euros for each 10g
  • From 12 kg  12000 euros + 80 euros for each 10g
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